Who can participate in the PRERANA program?

Ans: All students from Class IX to XII are eligible to participate in this program.

Can a student from a State Government school/ Private school / Kendriya Vidyalaya or Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya participate in this program?

Ans: Yes, students studying in all school systems (State Government, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Private schools) can participate.

How are participants selected for the PRERANA program?

Ans: The students from class IX to XII participate in ‘PRERANA Utsav’ in their own school and 02 selected students participants in district level PRERANA Utsav in nodal JNV/KV for selection for PRERANA Program. 

What is the duration of PRERANA program?

Ans: The duration of PRERANA program is  one week.

Where will the PRERANA program be held?

Ans: The PRERANA program will be held in PRERANA at Vadnagar, Distt Mehsana, Gujarat.

Where is Vadnagar located?

Ans: Vadnagar is in Mahesana District of Gujarat state in India. It is located at 32 KMs from Mehsana and 100 KMs from Ahmedabad city.

How is the climate of Vadnagar?

Ans: The climate in Vadnagar is cold during winters and hot in summers, with temperatures varying from 14 °C to as high as 42 °C.

Will the participant get a certificate for attending this program?

Ans: Yes, all participants will receive a certificate after completing the program.

What are the preparations required for attending PRERANA Program? 

Ans: 1. Come prepared with:

  1. Folk Stories/ Songs/ Prayer/ Folk dance in native language.
  2. Information about inspirational personalities of the district/state.
  3. Some interesting proverbs/phrases of the native language.
  4. Some Indigenous game of the state/ region.

2. Bring the following:

  1. Sample of local art/craft
  2. A local recipe/ food item
  3. Traditional costumes of the state/region
  4. Soft copies of photographs of historical sites of state/district.

What do participants need to bring with them for daily life?

Ans: Participants can bring 2 to 3 sets of clothing as per the prevailing weather in Vadnagar and comfortable footwear (which must include one pair of shoes).

Is there any uniform for PRERANA Program? 

Ans: The uniform for PRERANA Program is provided by PRERANA at Vadnagar as part of Student Kit including Bag, Bottle, Student Diary, Stationary Kit, T-shirt & Track suit and a Cap.

Should a participant carry an umbrella?

Ans: Yes, a participant may carry an umbrella as per the prevailing weather in Vadnagar.

Can parents / relatives accompany the participant?

Ans: The participants will be accompanied by a guardian teacher from the same district where the participant is from. No one else is allowed to accompany them at PRERANA.

Can parents / relatives drop or pick the participant at PRERANA?

Ans: No, the participants will be accompanied by a guardian teacher from the same district where the participant is from. 

Will medical facilities or medicines be available at PRERANA ?

Ans: Yes, the medicines and medical facilities will be available. 

Can the participants go out of the PRERANA center for a walk in free time?

Ans: The participants are required to follow the routine of the program only.

What will be the daily routine of this program?

Ans: The daily routine will include Yoga, Mission LIFE activities, experiential learning sessions, site visits, music sessions, film screenings and discussions, talent show of students, indigenous games, science and games activities, storytelling etc.

Can participants bring sports equipment like cricket, badminton etc.?

Ans: There will be indigenous games during the program. All the required gaming & sports equipment will be provided at PRERANA for the participants.